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The Art of Market Intelligence for Emerging Markets

Whether you are in product marketing or sales for an emerging market or in corporate strategy/development or venture capital looking into emerging markets, it is worthwhile to spend time understanding the real-world evidence behind that market.

What is the real world evidence behind an emerging market?

Scientific publications, research grants, clinical trials, and startup funding are the four pillars that constitute real world evidence for emerging markets in the life science industry. These metrics can be easily accessed and monitored. Unlike established markets, for emerging markets, data points such as number of prescriptions or reimbursement data are non-existent. There in comes the four facets of real world evidence I highlighted above: Scientific publications, research grants, clinical trials, and startup funding

Why monitor publications?

Publications are a testament to the interest and amount of research activity in the field and are therefore an indicator of market demand. By analyzing publications, you can

  • Understand uptake of competitive products

  • Identify key thought leaders that can be key influencers and promoters of your products

  • Spot leading institutions that can serve as key leads for sales, collaborators for R&D or key influencers for your product.

Why mine research grants?

Grants are a close representation of the market opportunity in the academic community. Mining research grants points out:

  • Key institutions, funding bodies, and researchers that are indicators of awareness. These could become key beta sites, partners and promoters for your products

  • Distribution of grants by countries and regions could inform the focus of your marketing campaign

Why are clinical trials important?

Investigation of clinical trials is a crucial framework to recognize the influence and impact on human health and diseases. Clinical trial data analytics helps you understand:

  • Competitive activity

  • Progress of pipeline and promising therapy areas & indications

  • Identify leading trial investigators

  • Take note of optimum locations for patient enrollment

Why follow startup funding activity?

Understanding startup activities in not just human health but also across many industries such as agriculture, food and beverage is critical to unravel investor enthusiasm. This is critical as it tends to reflect the market growth potential, market need and validity of a solution. Assessment of startup funding will reveal:

  • Key acquisition candidates or collaborators with innovative solutions

  • Competitive fund raising activity

  • Activity of leading investors and their bets

  • Follow the money and emerging market trends

The right approach to analyze the trends within the pillars is paramount. Identifying the right data sources, ideally ones that span many resources, has wide geographic coverage, employs natural language processing, relational and precise search algorithms is key to capture the data comprehensively. Then comes data validation and QC. Lastly pushing the data into a dashboard with visuals is easier to communicate the key findings.

In conclusion, monitoring these four pillars is great way to understand your target market.

Now, how can all this data help figure out the market size and growth potential of an emerging market? See video below for some ideas on how this dataset can help derive an evidence based estimate of market size and growth.

Arogyam has developed a report on the microbiome market that mines these four pillars. Feel free to read about the key findings and download the free whitepaper here. The report/individual modules can be purchased here.


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