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All reports are based on Arogyam data driven market intelligence methodology. Learn more about the methodology and how it can help derive market size and growth here

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The database captures biomarker data from >2,500 active and ongoing oncology clinical trials in the US in 2021. Trial data has been captured, curated, and clearly delineated. Trials that mention liquid biopsy/single cell/tumor microenvironment/Immune repertoire have been flagged. 


A rigorous assessment of industry trends across publications, grants, clinical trials, and startup funding activity, showcasing innovative companies and academics. Real world evidence of over 40K scientific publications, 3K grants, and 100s of trials and funding activities that drive actionable business insights.

All reports can be customized into an on demand project

Reports based on the Arogyam Market Intelligence Method on other topics such as Synthetic Biology will be coming soon
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