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Oncology Biomarkers Database

Oncology Biomarkers Database


Published Date: March 2022

Active trials in 2021, originating from the US, grouped by therapy class, calls out biomarkers utilized along with their function, trials that use liquid biopsy, single cell, and tumor microenvironment biomarkers. 


2022 Update Coming Soon!

Buy 2021 report and get 2022 update along with it.

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The report helps stay up to date on biomarker strategies being adopted by therapeutic class

- Paul Bromann

Medical Science Liaison II at UCB

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One of a kind report that sheds light on biomarkers utilized in trials and stay on top of emerging trends

- Alex Helm

Vice President, Strategic Product Marketing at Bionano Genomics


High quality dataset that drives insights into clinical development and potential partnership opportunities

- Diane Lince

Vice President, Global Marketing at NanoString Technologies

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